Hillman Wins Three '23 Pro Tool Innovation Awards

on October 24, 2023

CINCINNATI, October 24, 2023 – Hillman Solutions Corp., a leading provider of hardware products and merchandising solutions, is pleased to announce it received three prestigious 2023 Pro Tool Innovation Awards for its Structural Lag Screws, Multi-Material Screws and Metal Lath Screws. All three of these products are in the PowerPro Line of performance engineered fasteners, designed, developed and patented by the Hillman team.

A panel of judges, composed of contractors, construction business owners, tradespeople, and media professionals, tallied the votes for the world's most innovative products in the construction and outdoor power equipment industry. Products were submitted by leading industry manufacturers, and Hillman is thrilled that three of its best-in-class screws stood out and received this recognition.

“At Hillman, building, innovating, and providing our customers with the highest quality products is core to who we are and what we relentlessly strive to do,” Hillman Chairman and CEO Doug Cahill said. “We take great pride in creating building solutions that people can depend on, that make a difference, and stand out among the rest. We are grateful to Pro Tool Innovation Awards for recognizing our three screws and the value they provide. The highest compliment we can receive is that we are delivering on our mission of empowering those who build for tomorrow.”

This year, 99 different manufacturers and brands submitted over 465 products in dozens of categories for a chance to take home a 2023 Pro Tool Innovation Award.

Here's what the PTIA judges had to say about each of Hillman’s winning products:

Power Pro Structural Lag Screws:

“Kiss lag screws goodbye for good! With Hillman’s Power Pro Structural Lag Screws, you have a code-approved fastener that installs faster on two fronts. For one, they don’t require you to pre-drill a pilot hole, eliminating an entire step of the process. Secondly, they drive in faster than competing designs, helping you work faster and make the most of your power tool’s battery. For high-strength wood-to-wood construction, Power Pro Structural Lag Screws are simply a better way to make the connection.”

Power Pro ONE Multi-Material Screws:

“Why keep multiple types of screws in your toolbox? Because fastening wood is different from fastening metal, which is different from driving in concrete. Until now. Hillman’s Power Pro One Multi-Material Screws work in wood, metal, concrete, plastic, and drywall. They don’t just kinda work—they’re specifically engineered to work great in all of those materials. It’s the One screw to rule them all.”

Power Pro Metal Lath Screws:

“If you spend time connecting lath or metal using standard lath screws, you feel the pain with every cam out. Hillman is dealing with that headache by introducing the first star-drive heads on their Power Pro Metal Lath Screws. That alone brings a sigh of relief, but that’s not all there is. The screws’ Micro-Bit tip design offers accurate self-starting in wood or metal with no need to pre-drill holes. Plus, the zinc layer and top sealant make these appropriate for interior or exterior applications, including fastening pressure-treated wood.”

In a rigorous evaluation process spanning several dozen man-hours, the PTIA judges sifted through hundreds of cutting-edge power tools, hand tools, fasteners, products, and accessories. The awarded products stood out for their innovative features, superior power delivery, revolutionary ergonomics, technological advancements, improvements in jobsite safety, or exceptional value.

"Innovation comes in many forms. Pro Tool Innovation Award Winners push boundaries. They typically introduce features no one has ever seen, create new battery-powered solutions, redefine what compact tools can do, or even design products at a lower price than you would otherwise expect for the performance they deliver," stated Kenny Koehler, Editor-in-Chief. "The work of teams and individuals who dare to think outside the box can be seen all over the Pro Tool Innovation Awards," he added.

For further information about The Hillman Group, please contact: hillman.media@hillmangroup.com

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