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Since 1964, Hillman has served North America as the leading provider of complete hardware solutions delivering the industry’s best customer service and support. Hillman provides innovative solutions for complex projects that deliver superior performance while simplifying the shopping experience. Hillman delivers tools to guide and educate professionals and DIYers through all phases of a project, from inspiration to planning, from selection to purchase and from installation to completion. Hillman shows the way.

All Points

All Points is full line fastener brand with the ability to cater to many different industries. Our product line includes a vast variety of different types of screws, washers, nuts, Tapcons®, rivets, drill bits and accessories.

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Through innovative design, superior workmanship and time-tested materials, American Work Products (AWP) has become a leader in quality work wear and tool organization. When there’s a job to be done, it’s our job to make it easier. From tool bags to kneepads, and support belts to footgear, we’re the one-stop-shop for all your job site needs.

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For 40 years, Axxess® has led the access control duplication market with fast and accurate technology and comprehensive coverage across the installed base mechanical and electronic locking fixtures. Axxess® products and equipment provide accurate duplication of a wide variety of access control devices including auto, home, office and small key applications such as padlocks and mailboxes.

Deck Plus

DeckPlus™ has earned the trust of both professionals and homeowners by focusing on the project not just the screw. DeckPlus™ products are designed with benefits that will simplify the project and provide long lasting results and reinforced with a life time warranty.


Designed with both function and fashion in mind, the newest Digz collection merges exciting patterns and vibrant coastal colors with high-performance technology. Our gloves offer touchscreen technology for maximum functionality, and the latest and most durable materials, wrist strap options and coated gloves for any garden task.

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Distinctions™ is our best-selling contemporary address brand featuring plaques and freestanding house numbers in the most popular finishes. Along with a full range of unique styles and specialized detailing, our Distinctions™ products offer a choice of multiple price points, allowing retailers to fit specific customer profiles. Distinctions™ give every property a mark of distinction.


Our line of quality screws and nails offers industry standard performance. Fas-N- Tite™ offers a complete line of nail and screw types, lengths and finishes to meet all project needs.


FastKey is an innovative key duplication system that allows you to duplicate your own keys from a quick and easy to use self-service kiosk. There’s no need to wait for someone to cut your key when you can ‘make your own key.’ FastKey features state of the art technology to duplicate the majority of keys in the market while offering your choice of standard brass keys or decorative designs and licensed keys for that extra personal expression. For automotive keys, FastKey will save you time in the store by identifying your required key and confirming it can be duplicated at the key cutting center.

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F.I.D.O. is a self-serve kiosk where an ultra-modern digital dog leads pet owners to create custom engraved pet identification tags.

Firm Grip

Calling all Weekend Warriors! Do you have a ‘firm grip’ on your honey-do list? No matter the task, we’ve got the gloves you need for painting and staining, laying concrete work, shoveling the driveway, or woodworking. Firm Grip has the gloves you need to check off your list and get the job done.

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Gorilla Grip

From light tasks to heavy-duty work, Gorilla Grip patented gloves are the go-to choice for any project. With maximum durability, dexterity and a trusted never-slip grip – guaranteed superior grip every time. Gorilla Grip gloves are constructed of nylon and dipped with a specialized coating to keep hands protected no matter the application – wet, dry or oily.

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Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey provides trusted protection. From heavy-duty latex to high-performance nylon gloves, they’re rugged enough to take on the toughest jobs. From the job site to the shop, or under the hood of a car, there’s no task too big for Grease Monkey gloves.

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Hardware Essentials

Hardware Essentials™ is designed to satisfy a wide array of builders’ hardware products, including security, gates, hinges, interior and exterior door hardware.


KeyKrafter is an innovative key duplication system to quickly duplicate any home, car or padlock key in no time. In addition to a duplication system, KeyKrafter offers a wide range of key blank designs. With a partnership with Key Hero, customers are able to save a copy of their key to their phone and create a copy whenever they want.

Key Hero

KeyHero makes it easy to create a digital backup for your key. Just scan your key at your local hardware store and save it to the KeyHero app. Then if you’ve lost your key or just need a spare, you can cut one without needing the original. You can also share your digital key with someone, so they can cut a spare.

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Magnifeye reading glasses provide superb optical clarity and boast scratch resistant lenses, spring hinges to provide excellent comfort and fit, quality construction and durability, and unisex designs. High quality for a low price.

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At McGuire-Nicholas, we provide solutions to work faster, easier and safer. With design, innovation, quality and commitment to excellence, our products have a proven track record for being the best on the market. “Good enough” doesn’t cut it on the job site, that’s why we continuously work to enhance the quality of all our products.

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High & Mighty

A revolutionary solution to decorating and organizing, High & Mighty® hooks are Designed to be Stuck Up™. This tool-free solution hangs everything from pictures to coats to keys.


minuteKEY is the world's first self-service key duplication machine. Copy your home, office or padlock key in a minute. The accuracy of robotics technology put to work in an innovative way makes minuteKEY easy to use, convenient and fast. The kiosk is completely self-service and has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Find minuteKEY machines located in high-traffic locations of some of the nation's largest retailers


OOK ® Picture Hangers are used worldwide in galleries, museums and homes. OOK ® has a wide variety of picture hanging products that can be used in plaster or sheet rock and a separate line that can be used on hard wall surfaces such as concrete and brick. Using OOK ® hangers, tools and toolbox kits, you’ll hang your works of art like a true professional.


Since 1920, Paulin® has served Canada as the leading provider of complete hardware solutions delivering the industry’s best customer service and support. Paulin® provides innovative solutions for ‘custom’ applications that deliver superior performance, flexible options and swift execution. Paulin® is a world class supplier of fasteners and hardware solutions with expertise in merchandising, industry knowledge and innovative products that deliver superior value.

Power Pro

Power Pro has earned the reputation and trust of both professionals and homeowners through its availability in retailers nationwide. Power Pro products are specifically engineered with features that are recognizable and enable ultimate performance and user delight with the most advanced materials, coatings and designs.

Quick Tag

Quick-Tag™ provides the most advanced in-store engraving innovation, the widest variety of high quality I.D. tags and accessories, along with a dedicated staff of account managers, field and customer service support to help retailers serve their customers’ identification needs. Additional engraving machines include: PetScribe™, N’Scriber™, VetScribe™, f.i.d.o™ and TagWorks™.


Driven by design, The Next Generation Rainbrella Collection has stepped up its game. We’ve gone bigger, brighter, bolder and more beneficial with upgrades on better quality material, fun colors and patterns to choose from, designer handles and ferrules and a new and improved closure strap making it easier than ever to close your Rainbrella – all while staying in a competitive price range.

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Our patented system sharpens your knives right in front of you. With unprecedented speed, you get all your knives sharpened in a fraction of the time of other methods.

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Perfect for outdoor activities, Shadedeye Sunglasses are both stylish and functional. The polycarbonate lenses are scratch resistant, impact resistant and provide 100% UV protection. Great style with great value.

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ST Fastening Systems

ST Fastening Systems® is the construction fastener division of The Hillman Group, specializing in powder coat fasteners for residential, agricultural, & commercial metal roof applications.


SteelWorks® products include metal shapes, threaded rods and accessories. All SteelWorks products are produced from high quality raw materials and are cleaned, de-burred, and end-painted.

Tag Works

Supplier of high quality laser engraved pet I.D. tags exclusively sold at PetSmart, which is the largest specialty pet retailer in North America.