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Metric Hex Nuts & Washers Assortment (M4 - M10 Class 8 Varieties w/ Pitches 0.70 - 1.50)Hillman Item #1427
An assortment of class 8 metric hex nuts and washers from Hillman. Hex nuts are very common in general applications, especially deck and fence building. The metric washers in this assortment have a circular bearing surface with offset split ends which help bite into the mating material to provide a locking feature when tightened beneath a nut. Lock washers are commonly used in any application using a bolt where two pieces are being drawn together. This assortment includes parts measuring M4 thru M10 in inner diameter, with nuts ranging 0.70mm to 1.5mm in pitch size. Full assortment contains ten (10) refills comprised of Hillman item numbers #1428 - #1437.
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