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Black Oxide Furniture Parts Assortment (Connector Bolts, Nuts, Cross Dowels)Hillman Item #57142
An assortment of black oxide connector bolts, joint connector nuts, and cross dowels from The Hillman Group. Connector bolts are used to join wood together when a pleasing surface appearance is called for, typically in cabinetry and furniture-making. Joint connector nuts have the same head & diameter of the bolt they are used with and give a pleasing look on both sides of the joint. Cross dowels are used with connector bolts when a right angle joint is called for. Parts in this assortment are great when needing to assemble or disassemble fixtures many times. Variants included in this assortment feature coarse 1/4"-20 screw thread. Full assortment contains eleven (11) refills comprised of Hillman item numbers #57124, #57131 - #57134, and #57143 - #57148.
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