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Zinc-Plated Metric Pan-Head Philips Drive Machine Screw Assortment KitHillman Item #8130110
Maintenance Pak kits are a collection of fasteners for practical use around the home or workplace. A machine screw is a fastening screw with a machine-cut thread throughout the length of its shank. Machine screws are used with nuts or screwed directly into a threaded receptacle to fasten various components together in machines, tools, etc. Fasten with a screwdriver to reduce risk of over-tightening and protect the screw and fastened material. If nuts are needed, use with nuts of the same finish and threading for proper fit. The length of a machine screw is measured from under the head to the point of the screw. Machine Screw sizes and quantities included in kit: M3-0.50 x 6mm: 25 EA, M3-0.50 x 10mm: 20 EA, M4-0.70 x 6mm: 20 EA, M4-0.70 x 12mm: 20 EA, M4-0.70 x 20mm: 18 EA, M4-0.70 x 25mm: 13 EA, M4-0.70 x 30mm: 10 EA, M4-0.70 x 40mm: 10 EA, M5-0.80 x 10mm: 12 EA, M5-0.80 x 16mm: 10 EA, M5-0.80 x 20mm: 9 EA, M5-0.80 x 25mm: 8 EA, M5-0.80 x 30mm: 7 EA, M6-1.00 x 12mm: 8 EA, M6-1.00 x 16mm: 7 EA, M6-1.00 x 20mm: 7 EA, M6-1.00 x 25mm: 5 EA, M6-1.00 x 30mm: 5 EA.
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