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Power Pro ONE Multi-Material Screw Interior Flat Head Zinc-PlatedHillman Item #116701
Engineered for optimum performance in multiple materials, Power Pro One screws are the One screw you'll ever need. Developed to outperform and replace standard wood, sheet metal, and concrete/masonry screws, the One Screw program simplifies your tool box by using a single, innovative, engineered screw design to satisfy projects that fasten into wood, metal, concrete, drywall, and plastic. This zinc plated screw is ideal for interior applications; it is not recommended for exterior projects or treated lumber. Its flat head design and star drive provide easy and clean countersinking into wood. Manufactured with spiral flutes, serrated hi-lo threads, and a 3-sided pyramid point, no pre-drilling is required in wood, drywall, plastic, or metal up to 20 gauge thick. Concrete and masonry applications require a pre-drilled a hole, see product packaging for pre-drilling instructions. Each package includes a free durable Pro-Stik Star Driver Bit. All One Screw products offer a limited lifetime warranty.
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