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What are TransponderKeys™?

TransponderKeys™ contain a microchip within the key that talks to your car, allowing
it to start. They are programmed to operate only with your vehicle, adding an extra layer of security.

Quick and Easy

With more than 95 million vehicles using security key technology today, isn’t it time your key department started selling TransponderKeys™? Our Ilco EZ-Clone® program with TransponderKeys™ lets you copy your customer’s keys right at your counter – making them quick and easy. We’ve reduced the need for on-board programming and the need for two original keys by expanding the offering of Ilco EZ-Clone® keys.

Market Growth

 TransponderKey with a microchip
Automotive Security Key Usage Chart

Why Hillman and TransponderKeys™?

  • In-Store Training – Hillman sales reps are factory trained and will provide training for your personnel.
  • Support – Hillman key technicians are one phone call away.
  • Commitment – The TransponderKeys™ program offers the most comprehensive selection for the retail market.
  • Quick and Easy – Two button Ilco EZ-Clone® machine with no internet connection required!
  • Point-of-Sale Material – Wide range of support material to fit your marketing needs.

Over 74% of Security Keys Can Be Serviced by this Program

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