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Code Cutter

Code Cutter

Introducing the PC+ Flash!

What makes the PC+ Flash so unique is that we've eliminated the computer tower!

Using the newest technology, all of the code data is stored on a flashcard that measures just 1-1/2" square!

And new for 2003, one price includes all automotive franchises!

The PC+ Flash continues to provide all of the features that makes the PC+ the number one choice of automotive dealers across the United States and Canada.

  • Make/Model/Year Lookup Menu
  • Full 3 year warranty on parts
  • New code updates included at no charge while under warranty
  • Available for lease or purchase
  • 1600 sales professionals and a toll-free technical help line to provide service and support

Contact your Class C Solutions Group Representative today for a free demonstration, or call 1-866-438-6767 and ask for more information.

The PC+® Computerized Code Cutter is a product that has revolutionized the way keys are cut by code.

The patent-protected PC+ generates keys for most domestic and import vehicles by direct alphanumeric code input and by decoded key cut depths, all without any technical skill required by the operator.

The PC+ is the only U.S.-manufactured code cutter that can also generate a key by tracing an original key.

The proprietary, user-friendly software walks the operator through the entire key generation process by identifying the required inputs, selecting the correct key style for the vehicle application, and monitoring the key cutting process to assure that the key is cut to within +/-.002" of the original factory specifications.

Several competitors supply code cutting equipment ranging from manual punches to electronic code cutters. However, The Hillman Group has the only patent-protected code cutter with the ability to duplicate keys, and that also features self-aligning key clamping fixtures and a freestanding software program, all specifically designed for use by non-technical personnel.

The PC+ Computerized Code Cutter is viewed as necessary equipment to support the primary business operations of particular industries such as a car rental agency. The simplicity of using the system can also transform key cutting in businesses (such as a car dealership) into a profit center, and provide a valuable customer service. The markets for this product include automotive dealers, car rental service depots, companies with truck and auto fleets and locksmiths.