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Axxess Keys

Axxess Keys

The Axxess Precision Key Duplication System® is the most dramatic advance in key duplication technology in nearly half a century. Now, making quality duplicate keys with the precision of a locksmith is as easy as sharpening a pencil.

The Axxess System has reinvented the entire key duplication process by virtually eliminating all of the problems associated with having a key duplicated, allowing the operator to quickly identify, locate and accurately cut the key. To develop the Axxess System, over three years and $8 million were invested in research and development.

The Axxess+® key program covers up to 97% of auto, home, office and small key applications such as padlocks and mailboxes. Based on high margins and significant turns, and requiring only four square feet of space, Axxess+ keys provide retailers on average, over ten times the profit per square foot versus the average of all other product categories. Key duplication means big business. Annual unit volume of the key market is greater than many of the largest consumer product categories. Over 600 million keys are duplicated annually in the United States, this translates to nearly one billion dollars at retail.

Axxess is the number one supplier of keys to Mass Merchant, Home Center, and Supermarket channels of trade.

Keys are purchased by the consumer both as an impulse and a destination item depending upon immediate need. Duplicate keys is one of the few product categories used by virtually every consumer; which in combination with its unit volume, presents retailers with a significant opportunity to build store traffic by effectively promoting this customer service. Prior to the Axxess System, consumers were forced to go out of their way to have keys duplicated. The Axxess System has begun to change these purchasing habits with the only key duplication system designed for a high traffic, convenient retail environment.

Features and Benefits:

Quick and Easy Key Identification

The most time consuming part of duplicating keys has always been finding the right key blank. With the patented Axxess Key Identifier, sales associates no longer need to refer to frustrating key reference manuals, or "eyeball" one key blank after another while the customer looks over his shoulder impatiently. The Axxess System provides a "proof-positive" matching process that identifies the right Axxess+ key blank in just seconds.

1. Identify the key

Quickly locate the correct Axxess+ key blank using the Axxess Key Identifier®

2. Select the Cassette

Choose the proper self-aligning cassette indicated on the carded key blank

3. Duplicate the Key

Insert both keys into the cassette, push the start button, and in approximately 30 seconds you have a precision duplicate key

Identify the keySelect the CassetteDuplicate the Key

Precision Keys With the Push of a Button

At the heart of the Axxess Precision Key Duplication System is the patented Axxess PC® (Precision Cutter). Its computerized Control Panel monitors the entire key duplication process to make sure everything works just right. With the user-friendly Axxess System, miscuts should be under a 4.5% rate which is much lower than the typical (15% to 20%) rate when using conventional machines.

The Axxess PC is so advanced that its duplicating cassettes even align and index keys for you, eliminating the hassles of adapters and clamps. Cutting is just as easy. Just press the start button and in approximately 30 seconds the system automatically duplicates a key, even difficult double-cut keys in which both sides are cut simultaneously. And, Axxess cutting wheels make a self-cleaning cut, so the need for de-burring has been eliminated.

Reliable, Low-Maintenance Design

Due to years of research and testing, the Axxess System easily takes on today's fast-paced retailing environment. The system can duplicate thousands of keys without any maintenance. And its critical components are precision-engineered for even longer life. The proprietary, carbide Axxess cutting wheels will cut 30,000 keys before needing replacement. When maintenance is required, the computerized Axxess System alerts you in advance. And with its modular design, maintenance takes just minutes.

Complete Safety

The Axxess System is designed with customer and operator safety in mind. Unlike conventional key machines, its cutting wheels are fully enclosed. Operators never have to worry about cutting their fingers or having metal shavings fly into their eyes. Furthermore, all of the brass shavings are neatly collected in a concealed tray, keeping the work area clean.

Market Coverage With 70% Fewer Key Styles

Premium quality nickel-plated Axxess+ key blanks for autos, homes, padlocks and many other applications give you the greatest coverage with the fewest key styles. Through a patented design, many Axxess+ key blanks are universally engineered so that one blank can be used in as many as 10 different applications. Axxess' revolutionary key concept covers up to 97% of your market's needs with just 76 key styles resulting in up to 70% fewer SKUs when compared to conventional key programs.

Controlled Inventory, Maximum Turns

The Axxess System increases inventory turns while at the same time eliminating out-of-stock situations. Each Axxess+ key style has a universal product code (UPC) and is attached to its own bar-coded key card. Instead of lumping your key sales under a few SKUs, each individual key style can be tracked through a point-of-sale (POS) system. Plus, each key style is packaged in convenient, bar-coded, ten-pack boxes for easy receiving, stocking and inventorying. Now, with fewer SKUs and precise inventory management you will always have on hand the key styles you need to maximize sales.

Built-in Self-Guided Training Program

You no longer have to worry about on-the-job training at your customer's expense. Each system comes with a convenient built-in audio cassette and printed Training Guide. Together they quickly familiarize and instruct sales associates with the system's easy 1-2-3 step process. After one short session, sales associates will be able to make quality keys with the precision of a locksmith.

Profit Opportunity

Requiring only four square feet of space, the Axxess Precision Key Duplication System provides a better profit margin and generates a higher gross profit per square foot than most products found in today's retail market. On average, the Axxess System will generate annual profits of $1,130 or more, per square foot. The Axxess Precision Key Duplication System will be even more profitable when you merchandise the Hillman Key Accessories and T.H.G.® Fashion Key Chains. These lines can be displayed on the front of your key machine or on another freestanding rack.


  • Minimum Space Requirements: 24-1/2" W x 36-5/8" H x 23" D
  • Approximate System Weight:
  • 9 stack carousel with keys: 120 lbs.
  • 11 stack carousel with keys: 132 lbs.
  • Electrical Requirements: 115 volt, 3 amps
  • Power Cord: 6', 3-prong
  • Optimum Counter Height: 30"-36"
  • Service Interval: A built-in microprocessor tracks the number of keys cut and will alert the operator when the system is approaching a scheduled service interval.
  • UL Approved


  • Machine signage
  • Comprehensive in-store signage package
  • Special store event kit available upon request
  • Toll-free, technical support number 1.800.242.9937
  • Field service support for merchandising
  • Proven, built-in, self-guided associate training program
  • Timely introduction of new key styles